Personal Information


Don Bernard

Tell us about Yourself

Currently I’m an IT specialist working in Silicon Valley. I also provide server hosting web services for businesses and non profit organizations.


AA Degree in Electronics and Laser Technology at San Jose City College.


Creating and recording music. I play guitar, bass, can keep a simple drum beat and figure out a few chords on the keyboards. I also create 3D digital animations and video editing. You can visit my website at


I also have an environmental group that I’ve promoted for years and built a website for at We promote environmental education and restoration of Salmon Habitats and more  in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My contribution

I’m the Webmaster for ECOPLAN AC. My roll is maintaining the website and server so we can show you what is happening with ECOPLANAC’s efforts to help save the local sea turtle populations and provide resources to educate and promote awareness.