Nest #1

Elizabeth Bretón August 24, 2016 | Elizabeth Bretón
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The firsts 74 little babies! Congrats to Don Bernard!

IMG-20160818-WA0019 IMG-20160818-WA0015

Listos para iniciar la temporada de anidación 2016/ Ready to start the nesting season 2016!

Elizabeth Bretón June 30, 2016 | Elizabeth Bretón
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¡Después de un arduo trabajo, tenemos el corral listo para albergar los nidos de tortuga marina de esta temporada 2016!

After a hard work, we have the incubation corral ready to host the sea turtle nests this 20160626_113354season 2016!

 20160626_11592620160626_102652 20160626_124606

Results 2015

Elizabeth Bretón May 8, 2016 | Elizabeth Bretón
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Present 2

¡Muchas gracias a todas y cada una de las personas que hacen todo esto posible!

I would like to say thank you to every single person to make all this possible!

Gracias especiales a/ Special thanks to:

Shorefishingbaja, Renato González Fotografía, Orsan Los Cabos, Caboholics, Ron Weber, Kevin Delang, Donald Bernard, Keith Overholt, Karen White, Bobby Osborne, Andres Orvañanos, Maddie Corona, John Boratto & Ten Brother Fishing Team, Dave Snobl, Carol Stadden, Nancy Stephens, Fam. Hudson, Fam. Manrique, Joan Rosemberg, Wendy & Les Kraska, Debra & Tony Thune, Fam. Welsh, Fam. Prior, Jace Marquardt, Lupita Lizama, Danny Martidí, Teri Neenan, Tony Baja, Marytza Jiménez, Samy & Micah King, Basia & Cédric Favre, Elsa Dilasser, Juan Nuñez, Rudy Hernandez, Hugo Loaeza, Ricardo y Moises Gonzalez Padilla, Fortyno Acuenteco. Jorge Flores, Eulogio Torres, Carisuva, Larry Bryan, Arron Davis, Tashiro Shainis, Raul Gomez, Gin Tonic Karim Amescua, Ivan Lizarraga, Salvador Memije, Chris Karwoski, Fam. Warner, Lynn Pierce, Sherman Lowe, Wanda Tormos, Boris Solorzano, Morthy, Fam. Ballantyne, Chris Phinney, Karen Van, Fam. Marquardt, Fredy Velazquez, Stephen Jansen, Bill Nelson, Hermes, Ramón, Stacey Tonita, Roberto, Manuel, Angel Castelan, Notaría Pública Núm. 7, Angél, Jhonatan, Monserrat, Yael, Sander, Bris, Daniel, Luis Martinez, David Uvalle, Cibeles Dzoara.

Last nest of the 2015 season!

Elizabeth Bretón March 9, 2016 | Elizabeth Bretón
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-“No hay fecha que no se llegue ni plazo que no se cumpla”-
El último nido de la temporada 2015 ha salido.
Ha sido un verdadero honor poder aprender de estos maravillosos seres. Todo un reto. Pero feliz.

Agradezco enormemente a todos quienes visitaron, limpiaron, contaron, midieron, liberaron, montaron, desmontaron, difundieron, donaron (tiempo, material, dinero).
Muchísimas gracias a todos los voluntarios, nacionales y extranjeros por su esfuerzo, dedicación y bellas sonrisas.

Todo el esfuerzo de ustedes ha tenido hermosos resultados para estas pequeñas con quienes compartimos este tan dañado y sobre explotado pero aún no perdido mundo.

¡De corazón, gracias!

– ” No date is not reached or deadline is not met ” –
The last nest of the 2015 season has gone .
It has been a real honor to learn from these wonderful beings. Quite a challenge . But happy.

I greatly appreciate everyone who visited , cleaned , counted, measured , released , mounted , dismounted , spread, donated (time, materials , money) .
Especially thanks to all volunteers , nationals and foreigners for their efforts , dedication and beautiful smiles .

The whole effort of you have had beautiful results for these small with whom we share this so badly damaged and exploited but not yet lost world.

Words cannot express how grateful I am!Presentación1

August Nesting!

Elizabeth Bretón September 5, 2015 | Elizabeth Bretón
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The season is getting better! More than happy!

informe Agosto

Donations in kind

Elizabeth Bretón August 31, 2015 | Elizabeth Bretón
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Remember, we also receive donations in kind, if you wish to give us your support,

sincerely thanks!

Insumos por donacion

The first baby turtles! 2015

Elizabeth Bretón August 13, 2015 | Elizabeth Bretón
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We are excited and very proud to announce that finally the first hatchlings hatched!

Good luck on your journey !!

Diapositiva1 Diapositiva2Diapositiva5

Working with children in the community!

Elizabeth Bretón August 13, 2015 | Elizabeth Bretón
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Es evidente la necesidad de sensibilización de cada uno de nosotros respecto a las problemáticas ambientales, pero es más evidente aún, crear un proceso educativo integral que busque asentar entre los más pequeños, acciones que sirvan como un medio para reflexionar sobre los valores ambientales, enfatizando la participación de los miembros más jóvenes de la sociedad.



Angél, Jhonatan, Monserrat, Yael, Sander, Bris y Daniel son miembros importantes de la comunidad de “Pozo de Cota”, de ellos depende en gran medida rescatar y fortalecer el vínculo, casi olvidado, Naturaleza-Hombre!









We had many nests in July!

Elizabeth Bretón August 13, 2015 | Elizabeth Bretón
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informe julioThere is a huge difference between the two areas in just one month!

Hay una enorme diferencia entre ambas zonas en tan solo un mes!


July 21, 2015 | Don Bernard
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We caused a lot of excitement with events which took place during the week in the camp “TORTUGUERO POZO DE COTA – MARGARITAS”

11230230_1637203169824717_6004150535906790067_oStarting Sunday 12 th July 2015 with the visit of Mr Salvador Memije and his wife Mrs Diana Judith who were very excited during the monitoring to find the nest #13 with 58 eggs same who had the unique experience of relocating nests for incubation, appreciate infinitely the effort, support and great attitude and enthusiasm they had during the early morning of patrolling achieving our goal.

Nest #19That same day in the morning also we had a visit from our friend Mrs Claire who happily adopted the nest #16 with 113 eggs. I’m thanking once again the solidarity we have with the team ecoplan.                                                                                                                                                   Today 11754399_1637203219824712_6293435107653410728_o  Sunday July 19 weannounce with great pride that we already have 23 nests protected in our corral incubation. This work is only just beginning and we are still doing the monitoring daily in hopes of finding more females anidadoras in our beach. We will continue to reporting…

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  1. Mardi Tiffany Mardi Tiffany
    September 15, 2015    

    My daughter participated with releasing, and naming, when she was a little girl in pre-school. She will be returning September 28th for two weeks and bringing my Grandchildren, ages 3 and 6. I would like to see, if it’s possible to pass this down another generation.

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