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Nest #5 2016 / Jaden Smith

Certificate of Adoption Jaden Smith. We want to thank you for securing the future of this 85 baby turtles!

Nest #4 2016 / Denise & Scott Ki...

Certificate of Adoption Denise & Scott. Congratulations! You now have only 117 more babies + Gretchen “o” to take care off. Go Vikings!

Nest #3 2016 / Kevin DeLang

Certificate of Adoption Congratulations to our third dad! Thank you so much Kevin for work so hard this season, for your support and for saving me from madness (oops, too late). Gracias kevin por el trabajo tan duro que estas desarrollando esta temporada, por todo el soporte brindado y por rescatarme de la locura (oops, […]

Nest #1 2016 / Don Bernard

Certificate of Adoption Last night on July 8th, we found 2 nests ! They are our first ones in our new corral. The proud foster parent of Nest #1 is Don Bernard. Thanks for your support! Six weeks and we will be singing Happy Birthday to 93 tortuguitas! Ayer por la noche el 8 de […]

Make a Donation~Adopt a Nest!

Your help is Needed! Become a Turtle Parent and adopt a nest of baby Sea Turtles. We have several options to choose from and except credit cards through PayPal to make your donation simple. Donate Diapositiva4

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