Recent Activities and our New Website!

Well, this month has been very exciting for ECOPLAN.  We have had lots of activities, new biologists working in the camp and after 2 years struggle, obtained the permits that are required to go to work at Pozo Cota ~ Margarita´s beach . Now we can start protecting the turtles and their habitat.

incubationcorralThe first step has been to find a suitable location for the incubation corral. To do this, ECOPLAN buried special thermometers in the sand to register temperature and humidity each 8 hours. Then when the criteria was analyzed, we choose a location for the construction of the incubation corral. Now we are ready for the 2015 nesting season!

The next step was to start night patrols on the beach, watching for mother turtles coming out of the ocean to lay her eggs, and if necessary, they can be moved into the protection corral. The patrols also keep an eye out for poachers and natural predators like coyotes,  dogs, crabs, birds.

We would like to thank Don Bernard for helping us on our new website Don also works with saving the salmon runs up in the San Fransisco Bay Area, if you’re so inclined check out  his website Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Group

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