We caused a lot of excitement with events which took place during the week in the camp “TORTUGUERO POZO DE COTA – MARGARITAS”

11230230_1637203169824717_6004150535906790067_oStarting Sunday 12 th July 2015 with the visit of Mr Salvador Memije and his wife Mrs Diana Judith who were very excited during the monitoring to find the nest #13 with 58 eggs same who had the unique experience of relocating nests for incubation, appreciate infinitely the effort, support and great attitude and enthusiasm they had during the early morning of patrolling achieving our goal.

Nest #19That same day in the morning also we had a visit from our friend Mrs Claire who happily adopted the nest #16 with 113 eggs. I’m thanking once again the solidarity we have with the team ecoplan.                                                                                                                                                   Today 11754399_1637203219824712_6293435107653410728_o  Sunday July 19 weannounce with great pride that we already have 23 nests protected in our corral incubation. This work is only just beginning and we are still doing the monitoring daily in hopes of finding more females anidadoras in our beach. We will continue to reporting…

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